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 Catalogue of wood doors and firedoors: FD60

Doors FD30 are indicated for division into sections of corridors, stairs, etc.


Leaf: It is manufactured with particle boards (ISO-9002) and a peripheral frame made of high density solid wood. The frame has an exposed intumescent joint in the edge of the leaf. The leaves are lined on both faces with wood plated boards MDF-M-1. The leaf is supplied with the adequate bevel square cut, plated edges and mechanised with butt hinges, return hinges and lock. The leaf without iron fittings weighs around 58 kg, and it is 54mm standard thickness.

Frame: It is manufactured with solid woods or re-clad MDF, according to the specific needs. It is supplied mitre cut, with the wide required by the wall and mechanised with butt hinges.

Covering bead: It is supplied in strips of 2,200 mm (70x10) of MDF, re-clad with the chosen wood.

Iron fittings: The Door-kit includes a lock with anti-panic system, 3 butt hinges, and a return hinge.

Assembly: A&B Maderas y Derivados, S.L., recommends the sealing with fireproof silicone or intumescent filler of the clearances between preframe and frame typical of the installation.


Leaf measure Total measure Preframe span Passage span
2030 x 625 2050 x 665 2060 x 675 2020 x 600
2030 x 725 2050 x 765 2060 x 775 2020 x 700
2030 x 825 2050 x 865 2060 x 875 2020 x 800
2030 x 925 2050 x 965 2060 x 975 2020 x 900

Note: Leaves can be, on request, custom-made up to 1,200 mm wide and 2,400 mm high. Frames can be also custom-made up to 200 mm wide of the wall.


Leaf measure Total measure Preframe span Passage span
2030 x 625+625 2050 x 1280 2060 x 1290 2020 x 1220
2030 x 725+725 2050 x 1480 2060 x 1490 2020 x 1420
2030 x 825+825 2050 x 1680 2060 x 1690 2020 x 1620
2030 x 925+925 2050 x 1880 2060 x 1890 2020 x 1820


Left opening

Right opening

Detail of the Frame of the Leaf for a Double Door with the Intumescent Joint in a FD60 high pressure laminated door.

Section of a FD60 leaf where the Intumescent Joint in the edge and the assembly of the solid peripheral frame to the chipboard can be appreciated.


Tels: 968 50 69 50 y 968 50 14 26 , Fax: 968 50 50 43
A&B Maderas y Derivados, S.L.